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The development and strengthening of individual competencies is the basis for lasting business enterprise success.


Competence means being able to intuitively do the right thing.

(Julia Knecht)

We currently offer (in-house) workshops on the topic of shift work and working time law as well as on special features in collective agreements (online or in presence). In these workshops we train shift work time designers. The target groups are people from the areas of personnel, production and works council.

To help your shift workers expand their competence in keeping individual stresses from shift work to a minimum, we offer our frequently booked Fit@Shift workshop series.

In order to provide relief for “normal” day work, in administration and production, we offer our Fit@Work workshops for this target group (online or in presence).

We have developed our Fit@MobileWorking workshop to make it easier to master the special challenges of mobile working and home office. This is particularly suitable as a team development measure (online only)..

We provide executives with work ability know-how and train them to become work ability pilots. This measure is suitable for managers at all levels!

We develop cross-company knowledge in our working time forum. On regular dates, we exchange views on current issues relating to working time in a similar way to a collegial consultation. Guests are very welcome.

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