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Reflecting on one’s own individual attitudes and behaviors is a good foundation for successful teamwork.

When everyone moves forward together, success presents itself.

(Henry Ford)

The ingredients for good team cohesion are genuine interest in people, recognition, feedback, respect, humor, appreciation and, above all, common goals.

To make team development a success, we have scripts for strategy workshops and the development of winning teams. We accompany team development processes in direct and indirect areas and motivate to take responsibility.

We like to use the MotivationsPotenzialAnalyse MPA® for team development. Based on the combination of individual motivation potentials, we work with teams, work groups or departments to determine which tasks will be particularly easy or difficult to work on together. Together, we uncover how the team can go about making an impact and where individual team members may be getting in the way. The MPA is conducted online, followed by personal evaluation meetings similar to a coaching call. Afterwards, the team evaluation takes place.