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Thinking holistically, we need physical, mental, spiritual and social resources to do our work.


Maintaining the ability to work means proactively shaping the fields of action health, competencies, motivation and work organization with agile measures.

(Florian Bastin)

The House of Work Ability by Juhani Ilmarinen vividly visualizes the connection between stress and strain, the interplay between health, competencies, values and the design of work as such. If the floors stand stably on top of each other, the ability to work is supported.

A particularly large amount of scope of action sits on the 4th floor: this is where leadership, collaboration, work organization and working time are located.

To ensure that working time models do not have a negative impact on the stability of the lower floors, we consider the recommendations of ergonomics. We strive in our projects to

  • reduce the fatigue and risk potential of working time models.
  • increase the ability to plan regarding attendance and time-off.
  • qualify executive managers in matters of working time and work ability.
  • to ensure job satisfaction and the attractiveness of working time models!