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We support managers in the process of change, to lead and to achieve collectively set goals.


Leading means, above all, awakening life in people, drawing life out of them.

(Anselm Grün)

Hardly any other topic in the company triggers more emotions than changes in working time! For working time projects to succeed, honest participation and clear communication are indispensable.

We support managers in developing good, cross-team communication skills. And put them in a position to conduct even difficult conversations and resolve conflicts.

As an impulse for reflection for managers, we offer our 360° Feedback, which is adapted to your company-specific needs and conducted online.
In order to get to know one’s own effect as manager, we rely on the MotivationsPotenzialAnalyse MPA®. With this tool, your managers will be able to recognize where they can most easily go into effect and at which moments, they need to consciously motivate themselves. The MPA® is conducted online, followed by a personal evaluation meeting similar to a coaching session. We also offer the MPA® as a Team MPA® for executive managers and team members.

If required, we coach your management individually.