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Shift work

The successful reconciliation of shift work professions and private life is what makes shift work viable for the future! Good shift working models make a major contribution to employer attractiveness.


We are known for creative, sustainable and flexible shift models that truly fit staffing needs.

(Julia Knecht)

Our expertise ranges from so-called “normal” working time models to a wide variety of part-time solutions, flex time, trust-based working time, elective working time, and annual working time models, as well as atypical working hours.
We are especially known for creative, viable and flexible shift models that truly fit headcount requirements. No matter whether partial-continuous, full-continuous or discontinuous operating times, we keep at it until the right solution is elaborated. In doing so, we like to leave the “beaten track” and design models based on six and seven groups in addition to the common three-, four- and five-group models. If it suits, we also work with so-called oversized groups in order to be able to reliably represent all possible eventualities. Our customers always recommend our holistic approach, which takes all necessary interfaces in organization and the costs into account. We successfully accompany you in matters of change management, from the professional personnel needs analysis to the social partnership cooperation to the measurable achievement of objectives in the context of a success control.

If required, we can also support you in digitizing your working hours systems.